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Hi!! And welcome to my blog! This is very new to me and I am still learning so please bear with.....
If you are new to my business and me then this is all about me, my background, what I love, how I got to where I am now and anything else in between! If I know you then maybe you will find things out that you didn’t know before!
So I am Ami, founder, owner, designer, maker and janitor of AB Jewellery.....I studied at UCA Rochester after falling into jewellery completely by accident if I’m being honest. After school I left to go to work instead of university where I started to train to be an accountant...not very creative I know... after a couple of years I realised this was not what I wanted and what I actually wanted to do was invest more time and effort into my creative side, so I applied for the Foundation Art and Design Course at UCA with an intention of pursuing Interior Design. Thankfully my tutor organised a local silversmith to come and show a small group of us how to make a silver ring and I was in that group!!!! And I am so happy I was!! From that moment I was hooked!
I completed my degree and have continued to make jewellery ever since. I have worked for several jewellers and Goldsmiths over the years including Astley Clarke, Tom McEwan and other London based businesses. I have always made other peoples work and so last year (2017) I took the leap to go it alone. I now design and produce my own pieces, in my own space and couldn’t be happier!

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  • Visiting Ami’s beautiful workshop was a joy. A wonderful creative space with lots of affordable gifts. She has lots of ideas for re-setting and upcycling jewellery which we don’t use much any more…

    • Alice Evans